Hardware Products - Plasma processing technology enables products familiar with the public to have high functionality and new products are being developed on a daily basis. Landmark Technology Corp. is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of plasma technology-related applications.

Hardware Products

LS series are a plasma source that generates high density radicals and allows for low damage process.

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Good point

・Suitable for multi step process due to PLL high speed matching technology that we have originally developed.
・Realization of high process rate with high density radicals.
・Realization of low damage process using floating potential ICP.
・All-in-one compact design: An RF power supply and a plasma generator are integrated into a single structure.


・Organic layer ashing by oxygen radical
・Organic layer ashing by hydrogen radical
・CVD chamber cleaning
・Surface preparation (Nitrization or oxidization of Si (and SiO2))
・Radical process
・Si etching

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Spec of products

  LS3000 LS4000
Input Voltage AC200V (180-240V) single phase 50/60Hz
Output Power 3000W 4000W
RF Frequency 1.8-2.2MHz *1
Process Gas CXFY , CXHYFZ , SF6 , NF3 , H2 , O2 , N2 , H2O , NH3 , Ar , He
Plasma Abatable Range 67-266Pa (0.5-2.0Torr)  *2
Colling Water
2.0 L/min < 3.0L/min <
Size 375x305x245mm 400x412x254mm
*1...Frequency is automatically adjusted to achieve the best load match.  
*2...Operating pressure is adjustable on demand. For more details,please contact us.


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