Software Products- What is a 3D wire harness design tool? It is a tool to read the data of the chassis designed with 3D CAD and to design wire harness on the 3D chassis model. It enables the design of wire harness, which has conventionally been implemented at the final stage of product design, at an early stage of product design.

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Function of Product

ENTEPRISE LAYOUT is software for creating a wire harness drawing based on the data of the wire harness designed with ENERPRISE HARNESS.

・Capable of Creating a Wire Harness Drawing based on the 3D Data of the Wire Harness designed with ENTERPRISE HARNESS
ENTERPRISE LAYOUT enables automatic transformation of the 3D data of the wire harness designed with ENTERPRISE HARNESS into a 2D wire harness drawing.

・Capable of Utilizing the Selected Data of the Drawing
ENTERPRISE LAYOUT allows for reflecting the modified portion only of the wire harness on the wire harness drawing when 3D wire harness design has been modified.

・Capable of Reflecting the Fitting Direction and Bent State
of the Designed Wire Harness on the Drawing

ENTERPRISE LAYOUT allows for creating a wire harness drawing taking the fitting direction and bent state of the designed wire harness into account, because a wire harness drawing is developed in accordance with what is seen on the 3D models.

Purpose of use

・Creation and editing of the drawing for manufacturing wire harness that will be supplied to wire harness manufacturers

Movement environment

OS MicrosoftR Windows 7 English SP1 32/64bit
MicrosoftR Windows 10 English 64bit
CPU Intel® PentiumⅢ® 800MHz
Memory 1GB
Hard Disk 1GB
Display Resolution 1024x768 pixel
32768 colors
License Type Network License

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