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Dear customers,

Announcement of update

LANDMARK VIEW Ver16.50 (Japanese Edition)

Thank you very much for your patronage toward our products.
We started to provide LANDMARK VIEW Ver16.50 (Japanese Edition) and LANDMARK VIEW HARNESS DESINER Ver16.50 (Japanese Edition).
You can update for free during your contract period.
For more information of this update, please download and see the Release Notes.

Please contact our support center by call or E-mail below if there is anything unclear.
Tel:03-3239-9241 (Service available in Japanese.)

■How to Update your product
Enter your user support page (Japanese page only). Type your user ID and PASSWORD (※) and then click “Enter”.
② Click the download button you need on the list of your licensed products.
③ Please refer to the install manual in your user support page.

 ※If you don’t know user ID / PASSWORD, Please let us know by e-mail below.
1 ) Your name and company name
2 ) An 8-digit serial number (ex.2160-9999)

■We will handle personal information about its customers based on the Privacy Policy.