Company Profile

Company Name
Landmark Technology Corp.
Head Office
Daishinkyo Bldg. 5-8, Fujimi 1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071 JAPAN
TEL : +81-3-3239-9241(representative) FAX : +81-3-3239-9240
September 27th, 1984
Takashi Majima
JPY 10,000,000.
Business Lineup

Development, Manufacture and Sale of Products related to Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

  1. "LS Series" : Plasma sources for manufacturing
    semiconductor devices and FPD
  2. "LG series" : Plasma abatement systems for decomposition
    of greenhouse effect gases (PFC gases)

Development and Sale of 3D Graphics related Products

  1. "ENTERPRISE HARNESS" : A software for designing large
    scale wire harness
  2. "ENTERPRISE LAYOUT" : A software for creating a 2D wire
    harness drawing from the data of ENTERPRISE HARNESS
  3. "DESIGN RULE CHECK (DRC) OPTION" : An optional
    software for "ENTERPRISE HARNESS" to detect problems associated with wire harness.


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September, 1984
Founded, aiming to develop products that can be a "landmark" in the semiconductor technology field.
1984 - 1986
Developed and marketed a multi control system for Digital HO gauge train.
January, 1988
Developed PC modem in technical collaboration with Rockwell
October, 1988
Became an exclusive agency of Advanced Energy Inc in Japan.
March, 1992
Entered a technical alliance with IOMEGA on the removable hard disc.
January, 1998
Released "MAM Genesis", an advanced micro arc monitor.
May, 1998
Released "Flying LANDMARK", a 3D CAD Viewer
April, 1999
Started co-development of LB1200 (original model of LG3000)
October, 1999
Released "LANDMARK VIEW", an upgraded version products of Flying "LANDMARK"
December, 2001
Produced LG3000α (prototype)
June, 2002
Started mass production of LG3000
June, 2006
Released "LANDMARK VIEW Harness Designer"
September, 2006
Started mass production of LS series
December, 2008
Released "Enterprise Harness"
June, 2009
Became an exclusive agency of GPI in Japan
August, 2010
Started the development of a plasma analyzer in collaboration between industry and academia. This development project was adopted as "Leading-edge Measuring Instrument Development Program for the fiscal year 2010" sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency.


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